Why Online

The online medium is a very convenient platform for both the learners and the teachers. We, jeffreygarofalo, are an online learning and teaching platform that gives you the luxury to work on your own time. Time is a luxury that we have the tendency to underestimate. This is because we believe that we can do only so much. When you open your eyes to online learning portals you realize that so much more can be done when you cut down the unnecessary elements in the process such as travel.

The online medium exposes you to a whole new world. When on the internet you are not restricted to the people in your geographical area or time zone even. You can improve your money earning capacity by opening up to new horizons.

Online classes mean the students can refer their friends easily. There is a monetary benefit received when a student refers his friend. Every time a friend who is referred takes up on the offer, the student who made the referral can get some discount in his future courses. We, jeffreygarofalo, offer this to our existing students. We believe in the power of verbal marketing.