Anyone Can

In the world of jeffreygarofalo, the concept that anyone can is very explicitly clear. If you have a skill that you would like to share to the world you are most welcome to use this online portal to teach your students. All you have to do is create a video and share it here. Your students will have to follow you to learn what you teach. That way you can know how many students are interested in your course and how many times the video has been viewed.

From the student’s point of view, it makes life easy for him to follow the different courses in different arenas altogether.  When a student follows one course, not only is he intimated when the next class has been posted, he is also informed about the presence of similar courses that he could take up.

We want to be able to give just about everyone the chance to explore the different sides to them. By entering the virtual learning portal you are exposed to not just your area of interest but fields that you have just read about. With our website, you can give anything a shot.